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Default Welcome to The Garrison!

The Garrison has now transferred to the Aggramar server. We plan to continue our traditions of mature, active gaming on the new server, whilst still looking to expand our player base. Whether you're an old TG'er looking to carry on playing, or a new person looking to join the guild, we hope we can still encompass a range of play styles from casual to PvP to heroic raiding.

The Garrison was one of the oldest and largest guilds on Dunemaul formed back in 2006 from The Old Garrison and Guild of the Elderly. Since then TG has taken on Warcraft in PvE and PvP, ranging from to Ragnaros, to regulation of the Horde menace, to guild competitions, to Christmas parties in Loch Modan. TG has maintained an active player base through-out for both social and hardcore players. By catering predominantly for players over 25, TG is a mature guild with an occasionally immature sense of humour.

In Cataclysm, TG has maintained its position among the Alliance guilds on Dunemaul and is currently second on Alliance progression. There are currently four 10 man teams working through content, with space available on guild sponsored sign-up teams and fixed raids gaining experience and knowledge to flow down to other members. The Garrison needs you!

If you are interested in joining one of the oldest and most respected guilds on Dunemaul, to be part of our community, to adventure and raid in a mature environment, or just hang out with a great bunch of guys and girls: now could be the time to make an application to The Garrison.

We welcome applications from all classes and levels of play.

The Garrison prides itself on its community and the quality of its players, all applications are voted on by the membership before we even look at your gear! We are a mature group and are looking for applications over the age of 25, although we will look at exceptional applications from any adult.

We do accept spouse/partners of existing members to join the guild without application - in such case please contact a GM, Captain or Officer.

The Garrison. Who said we were old?
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